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We're all faced with them every day of our lives, many are minor, some are major. More and more people around the world, including a lot of people in our local community, are making the choice to live a more natural, healthy lifestyle. For some people this means using products that are kinder to our environment, or building homes which use greener products, reducing pollution, or using alternative energy sources. For others it means eating organically produced foods or leaning more towards a vegetarian diet. For some of us it means choosing to heal our bodies and our minds naturally, rather than with chemicals or mainstream medicine. For some it means all the above and much more.

For those of you who have already chosen some of these healthy, natural alternatives our goal is to provide you with an online directory to be a great resource for you. 

For those of you who consider yourself more mainstream, yet open to some alternatives, check out some of our articles.  Of course thearticles are there as a resources for everyone.  They may be beneficial for you and your family.  

Home   Articles & Recipes

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