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Permanent Hair Removal

Marcie Cook Licensed Aesthetician 

Body sugaring is a modern version of an ancient Egyptian method of removing hair. Although the practice of removing hair using sugaring has been around for a long time, it wasn't introduced to North America until 1989, it continues to grow today. The ingredients in the sugar paste are pure and all natural; in fact it's so natural you can eat it, it is hypo-allergenic and has such a high concentration of sugar that it is not possible for bacteria to breed. Before we list all of the reasons sugaring is possibly the best alternative let us first look at the other various methods of hair removal.

The first method of hair removal we are going to look at is waxing. Waxing can burn, bruise, or and/or scar the client and can cause hair breakage. All of this is due to the fact that the hair is removed with wax that's at a very high temperature, and is pulled off going off against the natural direction of the hair growth. This process can be very painful and must be repeated over and over again. Wax can get on your clothes or sheets, ruining them. Wax can remove more than just hair; it can also remove living skin cells, which can cause pain and irritation. One of the most common problems with waxing is broken hairs which can cause early re-growth. The wax hardens and then breaks off, rather than pulling the hair out. The hair you wish to remove only needs to be one week's length, unlike wax which needs to be two to three weeks long.

With shaving hair is tugged out of the skin with a razor at or just below the skin's surface. This can actually make the hair appear darker and feel coarser. The razor itself can burn or cut the skin.

Depilatory creams, or sprays are made from harsh chemicals which can disengage the hair, weakening it and allowing it to be rubbed off. The chemicals can leave the skin feeling sore, irritated and red.

Electrolysis is a more permanent method of hair removal. This method involves using a fine probe needle which is inserted into the hair follicle until it reaches the root. Electricity is then conducted through the needle which kills the hair root. This must be done over a prolonged period of time and can be quite costly. This method can also cause the skin to become pitted permanently if done wrong.

Sugaring is a wonderful method of hair removal and a good alternative to other more painful methods. Sugaring unlike many of the other methods can be done on anyone. Sugar is applied at body temperature, so it cannot burn you, which makes it safe for use on people with spider veins and varicose veins, because it doesn't increase your blood supply. Sugaring only adheres to the hair and dead skin cells, which makes it less traumatic to the skin, which means the skin typically is only red for a couple of hours following the treatment, if it is red at all.

The sugar paste remains pliable and isn't required to be left on the skin for any length of time. The sugar lubricates the hair and makes the extraction more complete and gentle. Sugar can be removed with warm water so there is no chance of ruining your clothes. The best advantage to sugaring is that it actually diminishes your hair growth. Although this is a gradual process it can be achieved by regular treatments over a period of time. If you follow this treatment, eventually your hair will completely diminish.

So if you're looking for a safe and natural method of hair removal that can permanently get rid of your hair then sugaring might be the way to go.

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