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What Can Colon Therapy Do For You?

by Sandy Ruiz CCT, CR 

Have you ever considered the benefits of what a colonic, a gentle irrigation of the colon, could do for you?

Constipation is the number one affiliation underlying nearly every ailment. Constipation affects the health of the colon, which also affects the health of the entire body. By age 50 there can be 5-10 pounds of undigested red meat in the colon. For most people undigested food remains in the intestines from two weeks to as long as a year. If the feces in the colon have petrified and fermented, any nutritional elements present in it would pass into the blood stream as polluted products. The longer the feces is in the colon the more poisons are being absorbed into the blood. Nearly half of all sicknesses start in the colon. The liver, gallbladder, kidneys, and all other organs must all try to filter the excessive waste that is absorbed into the blood from the colon. Waste build up in the colon can lead to problems, like colon cancer, arthritis, poor digestion, and weakening of the immune system. When the colon is kept clean, disease in the body is rare.

Below is a testimonial from a lady who went to doctors for a year and a half to find help for her digestive problems. After many visits with no results she turned to colonics.

After many years of digestive problems, I have finally found the answer. Colonics. It's just a shame that I lost a year and a half of my life going through severe pain and weight loss, referrals to specialist, emergency room visits, extensive testing, and medication after medication that didn't work to find that the simple answer was right here in Waupaca. A friend of mine had heard about my situation, and said she had a friend that I had to talk to. That friend was Sandy Ruiz, at Health Concepts. Sandy started me on a treatment plan, which included a series of colonics, nutritional guidance, probiotic and digestive supplements, and most of all, understanding and support. Within the first couple of sessions my whole world had changed, and I was eating again without pain. My digestive tract was starting to work again (it had totally stopped working on it's own), and by the end of my series of colonics I was back to normal. Let me rephrase that, I was so much better than what I had considered to be "normal" for the last 16 years. I hadn't realized want an important digestion plays in a day-to-day life, or how out of balance mine had been. I didn't realize it could cause headaches, fatigue, skin problems, stomach issues, and other problems when it's not working properly. I was not aware that the health issues and concerns I had been having for years were digestion related, and because of that, it eventually lead to the health crisis I faced. I do now, and I thank Sandy and Health Concepts for giving me back my life. Actually a healthier life, and regular colonics are now a part of my life.

MG - Waupaca, WI

There is no ailment, sickness or disease that will not respond to treatment quicker and more effectively that it will after a series of colon irrigation.

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