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by Vicki Seeger CCT 

"Death begins in the colon" claimed some top ranking authorities. It can be linked to almost every disease known to man. An interesting statistic has shown that 284 colons, less than 10% were found to be normal and healthy uncontaminated and unplugged by hardened excrement. Therefore constipation really means trouble.

What causes constipation? There are many factors that together create a lifestyle, which ultimately results in constipation.

  • Diet
    Growing up on a traditional diet of meat, potato, and a slice of cake sets the stage for constipation. As Americans we consume too much coffee, refined sugar, starch, alcohol, and processed foods. Additionally we do not take in enough essential fatty acids. Oils like flax, borage and fish are needed to lubricate the intestinal system.

  • Lack of Exercise
    The lymphatic flow is stimulated by exercise, which can help create normal parasistalis. Most of us do not get enough exercise.

  • Medication
    Many medications can cause constipation. These include pain medications, anti-depressants, some antacids, and antibiotics.

  • Change in Routine
    If there is a change in our normal routine of activity such as traveling, constipation most often occurs.

It is important to have at least one good bowel movement per day, but two or three is ideal. To achieve this the bowel needs to have hydration, bulk and lubrication. Peristalic action of the bowel must be regular and vigorous in order to achieve two to three bowel movements per day. This action moved food through the digestive system in less than 24 hours. The most important way to stimulate peristalsis is through hydration of the colon. So constipation is often caused by dehydration. The key is to drink plenty of water.

Also needed to prevent constipation is an adequate amount of bulk. It is recommended that we take in thirty to forty grams of fiber per day. Preferably the source of fiber should be split evenly between soluble and insoluble fiber. Flax based fiber is best, since it has a natural 50/50 split. It also absorbs toxins and creates proper bulk in the colon without dehydrating it.

Lubrication of the colon is also very important, achieved by taking in oils such as flax, borage and fish. Besides providing lubrication to the colon, these oils also give the body essential fatty acids that are vital to many cellular functions that create good health.

These three steps (hydration, bulk, lubrication) are a simple system that will result in proper elimination. In addition here are some other helpful hints.

  1. Change your diet slowly, adding more fruits and vegetables. Lower the amount of refined starches, sugar and processed foods from your diet.
  2. Exercise
  3. When traveling, try to maintain a normal diet and a regular sleep schedule.
  4. Create time to go to the bathroom, don't ignore the urge to eliminate.
  5. Position yourself properly on the toilet. Feet should be raised on a telephone book or other device as to obtain more of a squatting position.
  6. Talk to a colon therapist about setting up a series of colon hydrotherapy sessions to keep you on the right track.

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