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Feeling Tired – Sluggish?
Digestion may be the problem

by Frances Smolen, ND

Feeling fatigued at various times during the day is not just a part of life and should not be expected as normal. There are reasons why people felt his way. Here is one:

The digestive system utilizes enzymes in the food for the digestive process. Enzyme activity in processed foods is nearly non-existent. There are several reasons for this (preservatives, high temperature cooking, etc.). The goal of food manufacturers is to reduce or eliminate enzyme activity, which increases shelf life. Our bodies are designed to use the food enzymes combined with the enzymes created in our pancreas to digest food. Without enzymes in the food, the pancreas overworks trying to produce enough enzymes to digest the food. Over time the pancreas begins to weaken and becomes ineffective. The body now does one of two things;

  1. The stomach will be filled with extra acid and the food will sit in the stomach three or four times longer than normal. If this happens you may feel uncomfortable several hours after you eat and may experience heartburn.
  2. The food will go right through you. In this case you will often feel the need to excuse yourself almost before your finished eating. If you are lucky enough to have your food digested after this you will get some nutritional value from your meal, but you will feel fatigued during the process.

An even worse case is where your food only partially digests. In this case the partially digested fats, sugars, and carbohydrates enter the blood stream causing all sorts of problems. The partially digested proteins cause your red blood cells to become sticky. The sticky red blood cells clump together. This phenomena can be witnessed with a recently developed microscope. These clumps cannot be forced through the narrow capillary tubes. (Your body will try, causing possibly high blood pressure.) Because the capillaries do not have adequate blood flow, many tissue cells are being starved of oxygen and other nutrients, while carbon dioxide and other byproducts are left behind. This can lead to catastrophic diseases. It is thought by many that this can lead to such disease as Alzheimer's, high blood pressure, strokes, and the list goes on.

Partially digested sugars and proteins have their own sets of problems. The undigested sugars are not absorbed by the cells. The unnourished cells are not able to produce energy, thus you will feel fatigued. The undigested proteins are broken down by white blood cells. When the white blood cells are too busy eating your lunch, they do not have time to fight off disease and infection.

One method to help correct this situation is to take enzyme supplements with every meal. Most people notice an improvement within a week.

Another method is to begin eating well-balanced meals, with vegetables and fruits.

Tiredness, heartburn, joint pain, and bad breath may go away. Your stomach will be flatter, dark circles under your eyes will gradually fade, your complexion clears up, and migraine headaches may ease. Your blood immediately begins to clear up allowing flow out to the ends of the capillary tubes. with improved blood flow to you brain you will be more attentive and alert. The rest of your body will also benefit form the improved blood flow.

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