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EMF Balancing Technique

by Gary Kuzynski - Advanced Practitioner of EMF Balancing Technique

The EMF Balancing Technique is the energy procedure specifically designed to work with the Universal Calibration Lattice. Since 1988, Peggy Dubro-the originator of EMF Balancing Technique, has emerged as a leader in the field of energy balancing. Peggy's deep insight, sensitivity, and joy for life have endeared her to thousands of people worldwide by helping them to develop their innate ability to effectively activate the potentials within themselves.

The practitioner of this technique has the client lay comfortably on a massage table. As the facilitator, the practitioner presents to the client many reasons to have a session; a desire to relax, feel balanced or grounded, to understand their connection with the unlimited energy around them, or to experience more of who they are and more of their own energy. An EMF Session allows you to experience your "divine spark" - your own energy, and more of who you are. The session lasts about one hour.

Each session has its own set procedure and its own universal energy pattern. First the field is "prepared" as the energy flows through your body. Some of the sensations you may experience during the session are warm or cool, or tingling, or a feeling of relaxation. What you are feeling is your own energy, brought forth by your inner wisdom. Then the "clearing" process begins as the fibers of energy are stretched to allow for the release of blocked energy. This calibration results in a more relaxed and clear state of mind. Next, during the "balancing" process, your practitioner places their hands on or above several energy centers (charkas). This touch is very nurturing, and may create temperature changes within the body. After the balancing come the final adjustments of the energy session. Even if you don't feel the energy during your session, the calibration is still taking place, and will continue even after the session has been completed. A suggestion - pay attention to changes in your life, or keep a journal!

There are four sessions that you may receive in sequence. Afterwards, you may choose to receive them in any order according to your personal choice.

Phase I- Wisdom and Emotions:
This session releases stress and enforces a new pattern of freedom and well-being. Feel the energetic balance, and nurture the connection between the head and the heart.
Phase II- Self Direction and Support:
This session gracefully releases the energy blockage of old emotional issues and promotes awareness of your Personal Empowerment Prism. This session encourages you to see your history as being supportive in your growth, no longer an anchor that holds you back.
Phase III- Radiate Core Energy:
Radiating of the core energy allows your inner wisdom to manifest more frequently in your daily life. Being aware of your core energy encourages you to stand in your truth.
Phase IV- Energetic Accomplishment:
In this "final" balancing, a connection and communication with your future self is established through the Future Potential Prism, allowing future potential energy into the manifestation of present reality.

There will a total of twelve phases in its completion. For more information on the EMF Balancing Technique refer to Peggy's recently published book, "Elegant Empowerment" co-authored with Physicist David Lapierre.

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