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I was asked a while ago, if a food was certified organic could it still be a GMO. I finally have landed upon the answer and I would like to share it with you. First of all, GMO stands for genetically modified organism. GMOs refer to plants that have been modified for specific purposes, usually to discourage pests or weeds. Modification can include being genetically spliced to have the qualities from the cells of animals as well as other plants. (Something to think about if you are a vegetarian.) My friend Linda made an observation that if the bugs won't eat it why would we want to. That seems to go for non-organic produce as well.

I posed the question to the Center for Food Safety. This is an organization that works toward making sure that we have the safest food possible. (You can reach them at www.centerforfoodsafety.org .) The answer was that if a food is certified organic they must use organic seeds that are by definition non-GMO. Unfortunately, they can't control cross-pollination with other plants that happen to be GMO. So your organic produce can have some GMO contamination. When an organic product actually says that it is non-GMO, the producer has made their best attempt at preventing contamination yet this is not a guarantee. It is still your safest bet to eat organic especially your corn, canola and soy products. These are the foods with the greatest number of GMO contamination.

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