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Discovering the Goddess

After a childhood corralled by Catholicism, following the footsteps of a mother who measured her worth by the happiness of her husband, it took me many years and many bad decisions to discover the Goddess within myself. In my child-mind I could see very little worthiness in being female. The Eve I got to know was an evil example of how of women have led the human race on a direct path to hell. The temptress was merely the first of many conniving women who lured men down to the darkest parts of their souls. Mary was held in high regard, not for being the vessel of the holy child. Her greatness held together by the flimsy thread of her virginity. The Feminists were a frightening lot who spoke a little too loudly, made a lot of men very unhappy, and were accused of penis-envy. To be beautiful meant to look like Farrah, to be great meant to be like Mother Teresa, to be wise-nearly impossible.

Thank goodness for my dissatisfaction. It lead me on a tremendous spiritual journey ultimately ending with the holy Vedic books of Hinduism. I remember feeling naughty with delight in learning that Goddess worship exists, that temples have been built, that women AND men worship Her. In Hinduism it is believed that God is neither male nor female. You cannot have male without female. We have been accused of idol worship, when in reality these "idols" only represent a sliver of God's character, not an actual separate entity. Some of these characteristics are feminine hence-Goddess. In the Tripura Rahasya Goddess explains,

"What I am is utterly beyond the capacity of your mind to conceive. Therefore, worship Me in whatever form appeals to you. I promise, in that very form I will come to you."
It would be my pleasure to introduce some of these great ladies to you...

Lalita is the Goddess of love, the supreme sovereign empress of the universe. She represents a state of consciousness in which there is no distinction between spirit and matter, consciousness and energy are the same. She is a powerful Goddess worshiped by the truly devoted. She has it all. She is supreme love, supreme beauty, and supreme consciousness.

Sarasvati is perhaps the oldest Goddess in the world. She is a muse, a great inspiration. She brings music, poetry, art and science. She has four hands. One holds a book (supreme intelligence), another a mala or rosary (supreme spiritual knowledge), and the third and fourth hold a musical instrument which creates all musical vibration.

Laskshmi is the Goddess of wealth and good fortune. She has many devotees and is known as being gentle and soft-hearted. She is one to intercede in your life even when you think that you may be getting the shaft by Goddess Herself.

Durga, the demon slayer, at one time was worshiped all the way from India to Rome. She is a great warrior who can finish off any devilish demon. So when you find yourself wrestling with your demons (selfishness, prejudice, gluttony and so on) pray for Durga to come into your life to show you how to slay them.

Parvati, the Goddess of devotion, was a young girl who wanted so badly to become one with God that she devoted her life to worship. She withstood terrible weather, fires, stampedes and every distraction you can think of without breaking from her worship. Until one day when she heard a child crying in the woods, she ran into the woods to help the child. It turned out to be God testing her. He was so pleased that she would abandon what meant the most to her to help the helpless that he took her to become one with him.

There are so many others: Ushas, Goddess of the dawn; Aditi, Mother Earth; and Kali, the bloodthirsty Goddess created by the Mother of the Universe Herself. While in battle a terrible demon appeared who had the ability to clone himself every time a drop of his blood touched the ground. Kali stretched out her long tongue to drink up every drop before she ate him. This means if you find yourself thinking negative, debilitating thoughts or developing bad habits call on Kali before they take root. If you don’t they can multiply without end. Too bad I did not know about Kali when I was younger. I could have saved a lot of energy discovering the Goddess within myself.

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