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A New Way to Wellness

The Art & Craft of Bodywork

Detoxification and Cleansing the Body - Ionization Therapy - Ionization Theory

Enee, Meenee, Minee, Mo...When Choosing a Counselor, which way do I go?

The Gentle Touch of Reiki

How Therapy Aids in Healing Injuries


Let's Play In The Mud

Modality Medley

Muscle Response Testing – Kinesiology - Biofeedback from Your Body

NAET – Allergies – What?

Permanent Hair Removal

Raindrop Therapy (RT)


The Reflex-Flex-Flex-Flex-Flex-Flex...

Seaweed Isn’t Just a Plant Any More

What Can Colon Therapy Do For You?

What Is a Doula and Do I Need One?

Why Breastfeed?

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