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Health Care in Your Hands

by Kimberly Rogers, CR, WCMT and NCMTB

Practitioners help their clients with different treatments designed to kick-start the body's healing process. Clients are also educated on how to continue the healing process after each session or series of sessions.

Out of a 100% total: Traditional Western medical care only produces 10% of a patient's total health outcome according to Janet Torpy, M.D., in a 2002 article of the Journal of the American Medical Association. That includes check-ups, lab work, radiation/chemo-therapy, surgery, pharmaceuticals, etc. The other 90% of a patient's health is made up of factors such as lifestyle, stress, environment and genetics. This 90% is in the direct control of the patient—YOU!

Holistic health care, called Complementary Alternative Medicine by Western health care providers, operates within this 90% bracket. These therapies include massage therapy, reflexology, reiki, chiropractic, exercise, physical therapy, nutrition consultation, etc. Modification of a client's environment, stress level and lifestyle can bring about dramatic change when it comes to improved health and quality of life. There have even been theories put forth that clients receiving continuing therapy treatments affect the body at the genetic level—allowing cells to reproduce and grow normally, even to the point of removing abnormal cells. Several recent Nobel Prize winners have been studying the cell and how it works.

Receiving regular holistic health sessions, education and regular check-ups with your health care provider will improve your chances of having a 100% total healthy life!

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