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Mother's Intuition

It begins before the birth of your first child. You'll find yourself knowing personalities and traits before you see the newly born eyes. As you connect with the energy growing within you, feelings of love and protection spring up from a well that you might not have realized existed.

When you finally do meet this wonder face to face, it is as if you have always seen this face or known this person. I'm not talking about bonding. I'm talking about knowing. When you allow yourself to become silent and you give your energy over to connecting with your child, you just know. You know who they are, what they want, and you know what they need.

I think that it is amazing that I know what my son wants before he asks. I think it is wonderful that I can tell what my hysterical, incomprehensible daughter wants or needs while every one else just stares in wonder with no idea of how to help.

I believe that every mother experiences this. Even if your child is estranged or far away, strings attach the two of you. These strings vary in width, length and in number. Some mothers know the moment they lose a child or the moment their child's life changes without being anywhere near their loved one.

I've wondered if fathers experience a bond like this. I believe that they do to some extent. This knowing probably increases when they are the primary care givers. Adoptive parents most likely have an intuitive bond that grows as the relationship grows. So a mother's intuition can become a grandmother's intuition or an older brother's intuition. When you take on the role of caring for the wants and needs of another person you become attached in a way that wasn't apparent or possible before. You become tuned in. You just know.

Unfortunately not everyone listens to this knowing all the time. I admit many times when, although I knew what would prevent a challenge from occurring in the first place, I was too tired or too selfish to follow thru or care. I don't know how many times I've said things like "I knew I should have" or "I thought that that might happen". At times tuning in to listen without our physical ears to anyone can be time and energy consuming. Following thru on what you heard can be even more so. Using your time and energy in this way can also be overwhelmingly rewarding and wonderful.

I thank God on a regular basis for the chance to experience mother's intuition first hand. I also realize that experiencing mother's intuition is a wonderful way to enjoy my intuition without pressure or expectations.

Knowing becomes a way of life if you allow it to. Quiet yourself and listen to your children and loved ones deeply. Enjoy them deeply. And Know.

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