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by Greg Kasperek

Everyone has the ability to fully evolve on their own, therefore, martyring yourself for others is unnecessary... for the martyr, it is unhealthy and just plain self-defeating. It is only through becoming healthy self-contained individuals that we actually have something of true value to share. A healthy individual feels no need to give more of themselves than they can safely/honestly/lovingly offer to the whole... the whole is strongest when each of its individual parts is healthy and whole in and of themselves!!!!

The guilt that many of us are feeling and/or have felt in this lifetime is that we currently are not once again sharing everything that we have to the point of self-exhaustion/self-destruction. Instead, this time around, many of us are here to learn to be just for ourselves and to enjoy our beingness to its fullest extent possible as a fully self-contained individual. That is why us older souls in this life do not always have others flocking to us just because we have the answers. Our current spiritual blueprint says we must learn to not over-extend ourselves to others as we do not owe them such a sacrifice; nobody truly does owe such an unhealthy sharing of oneself.

Over-extending oneself actually is a disservice to others as it teaches others to sacrifice themselves out of guilt, not true love. True love never needs to sacrifice anything at all! The only true demonstration of true and unconditional love is to love oneself completely in such a way that not a single part of yourself suffers in any way, shape, or form!!!

Martyrdom is the most insidious act one can perform! It forces others to be victims so that we have someone to assist for our own self-gratification. That is pure manipulation and causes others to deprecate themselves in the hopes that you will love them enough to try to heal them! And they will never heal because they want to keep on being ill so that the martyr will continue to notice them. We therefore cause others to be less then whole so that there is a reason to "love each other".

We humans have a NEED to be NEEDY or else we feel that we don't belong to humanity. When evolving souls discover the power in being unhealthy, they will intentionally create disease within themselves in order to try to maintain ties to those around them who seek out others to administer assistance. Even older souls will embrace passive illnesses as a way to stay connected to the lesser evolved group of souls that they are ascending away from out of the fear of not knowing/realizing that they will be part of an even greater loving group of higher evolved beings after their personal ascension.

Thus martyrs often have a fear of success! The fear of the unknown creates a fear to not succeed for fear that they will not fit in elsewhere. That they will not belong to their new category of evolved/evolving souls. For the spiritually sleeping human it appears that accepting far less for oneself is preferable to taking the chance on the unknown. Thus many souls accept being either a victim or a martyr or even both simultaneously!

Embracing being a martyr is so deceptively self deceiving! We get drawn into a belief system that sacrificing our self for others is so glorious; that we are doing spirit's work. And yet that is a total illusion for each and every soul is whole and complete within themselves and requires not one iota of outside assistance! Far better for us to live as an example of a well balanced soul who is complete and self-loving than it is to reflect other's misconstrued beliefs that they are defective and require permanent crutches in the form of other's martyring themselves for them.

It is true that massive victim-hood and martyring is a way of life in this third dimensional realty. All souls must partake of those concepts in order to master the experience that teaches that true self-love hurts no one and in fact honors everyone. And once one reaches that incarnation that is to take them back to their spiritual roots they must sever all desire to manipulate through passive illness and/or martyrdom.

Transcending martyrdom takes initiative and a degree of self discipline. One must stop doing for others what they can do for themselves. One must redefine their existence with the main goal of being whole for themselves. Loving themselves, honoring their needs and desires. This includes seeking out where they themselves embrace dis-ease in an effort to attract others to them.

Do not foster other's unhealthy lifestyles and do not enable your own. Delve deep within to ferret out all connections to such unhealthy beliefs. And then replace those concepts with joy and self love. Become whole within yourself and you will discover that others will follow your example and magically heal themselves!

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