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Craniosacral Therapy, Iridology, Feng Shui, EMF Balancing Technique, Reflexology, Reiki, Dousing and Hypnotherapy are just a few of the modalities being brought to light with the alternative medicine boom. People are looking for something more than what western medicine has to offer. We live in a time where practitioners do not need invasive surgery to find imbalances and challenges. The answers are in the crystals of the feet, the sway of the pendulum, and the secrets of the mind. The wonderful self-revelations derived from any number of alternative sessions heads you on the path to growth and discovery.

With so many new modalities coming to light and ancient ones experiencing a rebirth, one might find it difficult to choose what is best for a specific situation. Fortunately, each modality offers its own benefits. Each offers its own insights.

Another wonderful possibility that occurs as our choices expand is being able to combine treatments form different sources for a more complete healing effect. I have seen amazing results with the combined use of Hypnotherapy and Reiki, or the combined efforts of Muscle Testing and Chiropractic. With the combination of two or more treatments the synergistic results can be powerful.

Finding practitioners can, at times, be tricky. My search for the closest Rolfer led me two hours away. I could not imagine driving two hours after having such an intense bodywork session. On the other hand, some fields are saturated with practitioners. You can experience several massage therapists to find the correct fit for you. Every practitioner has different talents and it is wonderful to experience as many as you choose to have a more complete knowledge of what is offered. If you should have an experience that did not live up to your expectations, try the same modality with a different practitioner.

When the time comes to look for a qualified practitioner, I generally head to the associations that teach or insure them. These associations tend to have guidelines that need to be followed in order to gain admittance. Another wonderful way to find exceptional practitioners is through word of mouth. Do not be afraid to question a practitioner's qualifications or to get a second opinion. Above all, enjoy the new experience on your journey of self-discovery.

The value of preventative medicine is immense. To be proactive in your own health care will empower you and will train you to connect with your body. When one is connected with one's physiology, it is easy to avoid serious illness. The mind is an amazing thing. It is also very talented at convincing us that we are in better condition than we really are. Our bodies, on the other hand, are built to function-not deceive. Our bodies do not lie. Despite what our minds tell us, if we ignore the body long enough, the voice of the body will be loud and clear.

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