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Let's Play In The Mud

I'm sure we can all remember at least one time in our young lives when we were out playing in the mud. It's was fun to get all dirty and make a mess, and I'm sure that none of us thought of mud as a healing tool at that time, and maybe now you are still not aware of all its therapeutic healing properties. But now here is your chance to read all about how good mud really is for you.

The therapeutic properties of Moor Mud have been known for thousands of years. Its unusual qualities have been recognized by man from the time of Europe's earliest civilization. A renowned Swiss naturopath of the middle ages used Moor Mud as a base for preventive medicine. In 120 B.C., the Romans took advantage of the curative powers of Moor Mud and Renaissance physicians praised it as the Quinta Essentia. Scientific research has demonstrated that Moor Mud is an effective astringent, absorbent, ion exchanger, hormone balancer, anti-inflammatory, and cell regenerator. This mud is rich in minerals, enzymes and vitamins. This unique natural black magma helps relieve muscular tension, aches, and cramps, athletic and articular pain. Also it relieves pain from rheumatism and arthritis, along with easing fatigue and stress while leaving your skin smoother and brighter.

Where Does Moor Mud Come From? At the end of the last ice age, as the ice retreated, a fertile valley was sealed off from the outside world. This valley was quickly flooded and an instant lake formed, covering all of the vegetation which had been growing on the floor of the valley. The quick water coverage of the plants caused a unique biological and geological process. The plant life was photosynthesized under the water, absorbing solar energy through chlorophyll. This transformed the plants into solid cellulose. The plant matter then underwent microbial decomposition to become deep, rich, black magma.

For ages, Moor Mud has been used successfully in spas all over Europe as a natural preventative medicine because of its curative qualities and continues to be used today. Modern scientific research has uncovered new applications and techniques for Moor Mud in many therapeutic treatments, particularly in the fields of Rheumatology and Dermatology and will continue to do so well into the future.

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