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NAET – Allergies – What?

by Frances Smolen, ND

Yes, a technique that has a proven record for eliminating allergies. NAET is the abbreviation for Nambudripad's (the doctor who founded it) Allergy Elimination Technique. NAET is a term that is being said more and more by those who are searching for wellness.

But, NAET accomplishes much more than eliminating allergies. According to Dr. Nambudripad in her book "Say Goodbye to Illness" allergies are an underlying cause of illnesses. NAET has been known to bring the body back to balance, revitalize it, and assist the body in creating wellness.

"Say Goodbye to Illness" is a marvelous book in which Dr. Devi Nambudripad discusses the many underlying causes for illness, and what can be done to revitalize and bring wellness to the body. In today's society we too often look to 'cure' illness, instead of understanding what causes the dysfunction.

Dr. Nambudripad presents the theory that allergies or sensitivities are the underlying causes of disease and dysfunction, in fact, she is quoted "the shocking fact is that there is hardly any human disease or condition in which allergic factors are not involved". An even more challenging statement made by Dr. Nambudripad is "Any substance under the sun, including sunlight itself, can cause an allergic reaction in any individual."

Unidentified allergies can produce symptoms and illnesses that affect every system and organ in the body according to Dr. Nambudripad. One needs to understand the secret of allergies to prevent years of fruitless searching for help. While Environmental Medicine has been identifying allergies for years, what is unique about Dr. Nambudripad's technique is that it allows you to be exposed to the very substance that has made you sick – without further negative results.

The secret to NAET is to retrain your brain and nervous system to no longer react to the offending substance. There is nothing invasive about this procedure and no drugs are given. This is accomplished by using muscle response testing and acupressure. It has been beneficial for people of all ages from infants through the elderly.

NAET was discovered out of Dr. Nambudripad's own need for wellness. Dr. Nambudripad is a Registered Nurse, Chiropractor and Acupuncturist. She discovered this technique by accident in 1983. She understood the workings of her body, but couldn't heal herself of chronic bronchitis, migraine headaches, depression, and sinusitis that had plagued her since childhood. One day, while an acupuncture student in Los Angeles, she had an extreme reaction from eating a carrot, so she immediately received an acupuncture treatment. Noticing that she felt exceptionally vital and healthy after the acupuncture, she realized that a piece of the carrot was still clinging to her skin. It then occurred to her that acupuncture in the presence of the allergen could have a powerful effect. In refining the technique acupressure is now used also.

This technique has now been used for over 15 years, with health professionals from as far away as Europe traveling to California to receive the training from Dr. Nambudripad.

For further information read "Say Goodbye To Illness" by Dr. Devi Nambudripad. Taking the time to read this book can make a difference in your life, and the lives of your loved ones.

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