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Revealing Your Number's Secrets

by Greg Kasperek

Many wonderful methodologies exist to assist the awakening spiritual seeker. Dreams, meditation, yoga, past-life regressions, reflexology, massage, hypnotherapy, astrology and numerology are some of the more commonly embraced. All these methods seek to extend an individual's grasp and awareness of their inner spiritual self. Let's review how numerology fits into these methods.

Numerology is a metaphysical concept that seeks to decipher certain hidden codes that we have brought into our lives. All of us create elaborate spiritual blueprints that choreograph our lives from the moment of conception to our last dying breath. If we are a young soul we will seldom ever take the time to fully comprehend our inner existence as we excitedly grasp every outward physical opportunity to express our humanity. But once we become an older soul we will sublimely feel the desire to research our inner selves and to seek out explanations for our existence and behaviors.

Numbers are a near universal communicative modality. Numbers mean the same for most cultures and are recognized as such throughout the world. Thus the universe takes advantage of their common recognition to impart another layer of insight to those with the willingness to seek out number's hidden meanings. Just as the stars mean more to those who embrace astrology, so too do numbers mean more to those who embrace numerology.

When viewed as a separate and unique language source we discover a secret encoding within numbers waiting to reveal insights to the discerning seeker. These encodings have been deciphered and written down throughout the ages by many spiritually connected teachers. Two wonderfully insightful books are: "Your Days are Numbered" by Florence Campbell and "The Life You Were Born To Live" by Dan Millman. Either one of these will provide countless insights into what the numbers in your life are supplying.

Most seekers start with their birth date when looking for additional insights to explain their current incarnation. The DOB reveals a person's life path or what they have come into this lifetime to master as their main focal point. As an example let's use my DOB, which is 5-25-1953. By adding these numbers one to another we come up with a total of 30 which is further reduced to a single digit, which in this case is the number 3. Thus I am on a life path of 30/3. The number 3 has certain qualities attached to it, such as self-expression, utilizing words in any way shape or form, being social and outgoing. Thus I am here to master being more outgoing and social by utilizing words in every way, shape and form to promote my inner beliefs.

The numbers of 2 and 5 in my birth date are gifts that I brought with me in order to assist me in this task of becoming more outgoing. The 2 means cooperation through association and the 5 means freedom through self-discipline. Thus through being cooperative with what is automatically attracted into my life while self-disciplining myself to embrace these things I will be supported in having opportunities to master my ability to self-express my inner self. In addition the 2 and 5 add up to 7, a number that means spiritual wisdom through analytical study. Therefore the 7 provides me with the insights that I am seeking to express through my mastery of self-disciplined sharing.

And since you, the reader, are reading an article composed by me that seeks to reveal spiritual insights, it would be apparent that I am attempting to follow/honor my chosen life path of a 3!

If every child could be exposed to their life path number it would be so much easier to determine where their best opportunities for evolutionary advancements exist. By always embracing courses of action that include their life path's definitions everyone would find themselves being true to their inner spiritual blueprints. And eliminating some of the painful uncertainty most lives currently revolve around.

Much more exists within numerology than just discovering your life path. Your name can be converted to numbers revealing your hidden attributes, your basic karmic pluses and minuses, as well as which vocations to pursue. Your DOB can reveal certain cycles of expression as well as compatibility between relationship partners. Even the effects of changing one's name can reveal how this will affect you afterwards.

Embrace your numbers and inner insights will emerge!

In memory of Greg Kasperek who was a spiritual cosmic philosopher who counseled/taught that interpreting the numbers in your life can open secret doorways into your inner self.

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