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The science and art of Reflexology dates back over 3,000 years. With 1,700 reflexes in each foot and each hand, this form of acupressure has many benefits.

A skilled practitioner applies techniques to calm and or stimulate the reflexes which connect to nerves corresponding to all the body systems.

Insight is provided to the cause and effect of the symptoms being experienced.

Often times the body becomes out of balance resulting in dis-ease. The acid/alkaline levels may cause minerals to crystallize and gravity draws these crystals to the reflexes. These deposits create obstructions in the flow of electrical energy.

Reflexology assists in the dissolving process of the crystal deposits there by freeing the nervous system to generate proper levels of electrical energy to the relating body systems.

A treatment is a one hour session and is performed with the client relaxing on a massage table in a safe and quiet environment.

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