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The Reflex-Flex-Flex-Flex-Flex-Flex...

by Kimberly Rogers, CR, WCMT and NCMTB 

This is not a 1980s classic rock song by Duran Duran! Reflexology is an important addition to your preventative health maintenance regime. Having a 'reflex' helps to reduce stress and tension, improve circulation and, best of all, help your body to heal itself naturally.

This is not 'New Age' hooey. Reflexology is ancient—it's Old Age with evidence having been found in tombs of ancient Egypt and in a 5,000-year old Tibetan monastery. Ancient artifacts are turning up all over the world showing that our ancestors have used some form of acupressure technique as an aid in comfort and healing.

In Reflexology, acupressure is applied to the feet, hands and even the ears! Why work these areas? Our nerves run through our body like an immense electrical circuit, with endings in each hand, foot and ear. By stimulating the appropriate region, the Reflexologist eliminates energy blockages thought to produce pain or dis-ease in the related area.

Reflexology can be beneficial in the relief of headaches & migraines; arthritis; high blood pressure; back and neck pain; carpal tunnel syndrome; stress; allergies & sinus problems; insomnia; PMS & menopause; constipation & IBS; etc.

Having a session feels great! Everyone from the very old to the very young can benefit.

What to Expect...

Your first reflexology visit begins with a greeting as you enter. You, as a new client are then seated and asked to fill out a health history form (clients under the age of 18 must have a parent's consent). The Reflexologist then reads over the health history and asks you questions about your symptoms, treatment of symptoms and your health goals. Your goals could be as simple as "I want to relax" to "I want to have more energy" or "I want to manage pain better."

Then you, the client, are placed comfortably on a massage table or a reflexology chair. The session begins. Each session is customized to your needs and may last up to 60 minutes. Reflexology is performed primarily on the soles of the feet. However, the Reflexologist may also apply acupressure to the ears and hands at the client's request.

Relax, listening to soothing music and a flowing fountain in the beautiful glow of candlelight. Breathe in the aroma of essential oils designed to soothe mind, body and spirit. You will leave the session relaxed, refreshed, even energized! Your next appointment can be made at the end of your session.

Reflexology is an excellent complementary therapy for maintenance and prevention of dis-ease and dis-comfort. However, it does take the body time to heal from acute or chronic conditions. The best way to help your body to heal is with consistent, continuing therapy sessions. Depending upon your condition and health goals, recommendations for continuing care ranges from several times per week to once per month.

Adding reflexology to your personal health-care regime is a step on the road to great health!

Excerpts of this article have appeared in the Heart & Hands Massage and Weight Loss newsletters for January/February and March/April 2004 issues. More information about reflexology can be found at these sites: www.reflexology-research.com and www.foot-reflexologist.com.

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