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Reflexology Book Listings

by Kimberly Rogers, CR, WCMT and NCMTB 

This is a brief listing of reflexology info that I have found. I apologize for the brief book listing: Out of the large reference library I own, I found the following reflexology books to be very helpful in explaining the concepts and offering case studies. Enjoy!

  • Reflexology Association of America: www.reflexology-usa.org
    A good site that has articles and an advice column called "Ask Reflexology Rex."
  • Reflexology Research – the Kunz & Kunz official Web site: www.reflexology-research.com
    Has a lot of information. It mostly lists source names to worldwide case studies on reflexology research. A good site to visit, but don't stay too long.
  • The Complete Guide to Foot Reflexology - Kevin & Barbara Kunz
    My textbook for Reflexology. It discusses the history & theory behind reflexology, talks about/shows technique, has chapter discussions on anatomy & physiology and an appendix with a table of disorders and the reflex points to work. (I also have their book that covers the hands. The more recent versions of this book covers both hands and feet).

  • Stories the Feet Can Tell Thru Reflexology/Stories the Feet Have Told Thru Reflexology - Eunice D. Ingham (first printing was 1938; last printing 1984)
    These are case studies that Eunice Ingham recorded. They are very interesting!

  • Better Health With Foot Reflexology: The Original Ingham Method - Dwight C. Byers (nephew to Eunice Ingham)
    It is a very helpful book with a table of disorders, etc. Dwight has a similar easy-to-comprehend writing style like his Aunt Eunice. If you are thinking of becoming certified in reflexology, I recommend this book & Eunice Ingham's book to read.

  • Body Reflexology: Healing at Your Fingertips - Mildred Carter & Tammy Weber
    I LOVE this book. It's the first book that led me to study reflexology. It covers different reflex points throughout the body and how they relate to different "ailments." Want to know how to get rid of a sore throat? You'll find it in this book!

  • The Reflexology Manual: An Easy-To-Use Illustrated Guide to the Healing Zones of the Hands and Feet - Pauline Wills
    I picked this up at a Barnes & Noble. It has a nice picture guide on the anatomy and how it relates to each reflex of the foot/hand. What I liked was the illustrations on how to correctly work the reflexes during a session.

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