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New Year's Resolution 2003: To Avoid Writing Articles As Editorials

For a long time in my youth, I would find humor in the whole idea of New Year's Resolutions. I marveled at the fire of people's conviction and determination smoldering quietly into an amber of guilt and remorse. When questioned about my Resolution, I would glibly reply with something like...

"This year I am going to stop swimming in pools with hungry sharks."
"This year I am going to try to stop jumping in front of moving vehicles."
"This year I am going to stop wearing my socks inside out."

Smugly, I enjoyed my own humor. After all, I did not understand why people would get themselves so worked up. How many people can really flick a switch to ignite a new lifestyle? Is there something magical about January 1st that increases an individual fortitude?

Change is an amazing entity. Certainly, it is inevitable and constant, yet some folks get significantly bent out of shape when readying themselves for change. Like a basketball player planting his feet anticipating the charging opponent only to get knocked over. Ringing hands with thoughts like, "I do not know what to expect". Allowing the uncertainty to taint the stability of the present.

Thanks to change I am a woman getting an education which was unheard of not too long ago. Thanks to change I have machines in my home that free me up for grander spiritual endeavors. Thanks to change my husband does not have to pursue the same career as his father and my children do not have to work in coal mines.

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