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Seaweed Isn’t Just a Plant Any More

by Marcie Cook Licensed Aesthetician 

What are seaweeds? Seaweeds are marine algae, saltwater dwelling, simple organisms that fall into the rather outdated general category of "plants". Most of them are the red (6000 species), brown (2000 species) or green (1200 species) types, and most are attached by holdfasts, which just have an anchorage function. Seaweeds are found throughout the world's oceans and seas and none is known to be poisonous. Many are in fact eaten and considered to be a great delicacy. You have probably eaten some sort of seaweed extract in the last 24 hours as many foods contain seaweed polysaccharides such as agars, carrageen and alginates!

Seaweeds are used in many maritime countries as a source of food, for industrial applications and as a fertilizer. The major utilization of these plants as food is in Asia, where seaweed cultivation has become a major industry. In most western countries food and animal consumption is restricted and there has not been any pressure to develop seaweed cultivation techniques. Industrial utilization is at present largely confined to extraction for phycocolloids and, to a much lesser extent, certain fine bio-chemicals. Fermentation and paralysis are not being carried out on an industrial scale at present but are possible options for the 21st century.

The present uses of seaweeds are as human foods, fertilizers, and for the extraction of industrial gums and chemicals. They have the potential to be used as a source of long- and short-chain chemicals with medicinal and industrial uses. Marine algae may also be used as energy-collectors and potentially useful substances may be extracted by fermentation and paralysis.

Another more recent use for seaweed is in the form of clays and powders used all over the world by different spas. As Plato put it, "The sea cures all evils." Seaweed body masks are excellent for supercharging the skin! It penetrates and nourishes skin with essential minerals, while improving skin tone and increasing its ability to hold moisture. The result? Skin is firm and smooth.

At Health Concepts we provide a treatment called a Seaweed Body Mask. What is a Seaweed Body Mask? You might ask yourself. Well let me tell you, a seaweed body mask rich in micronutrients, and enhanced by pure essential oils is applied to the body then the whole body is enveloped in various types of linen, heat retaining foils, bandages or blankets. These types of treatments are done for a variety of reasons. They may be done to detoxify, firm, tighten, smooth, and lift. Throughout Europe, seaweed has been known for its rebalancing effects on the body. Our detoxifying seaweed body mask stimulates the body's metabolism. This treatment is recommended to maintain optimum health and restore balance in the system. It is also excellent as a precursor to other body treatments.

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