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Self Image – The Key to Learning and Enjoying Life

by Frances Smolen, ND

Every one of us, child or adult has an image of self – what we are, what is expected of us and what we expect of our selves. We build this image according to how we feel, in conjunction with the input received from our parents, peers and other authority figures. In addition, our genetic makeup must be considered as it determines our basic behavior.

The experiences we have reinforce this self-image 'good' or 'bad'. We act according to our self-image. Then we judge our next performance, talk to ourselves about it, reinforce our self-image and act accordingly.

Let's take this concept into our daily lives. We perform based on the results from the self-image we have created: what one believes to be true about themselves. For example if one has the image of being ineffective as a salesperson, or a fear based on ineffectiveness, they will have difficulties in that position. They keep receiving a message from themselves that they are incapable of functioning effectively. They may think of themselves as a poor communicator, and criticize themselves for every faulty communication, reinforcing the poor self-image. This begins the circle of trying to speak correctly 'getting it right' and failing to do so – thus reinforcing a negative self-image as a person who cannot speak properly.

Naturally this is reflected in whatever skill you may require as part of your career or personal life: reading, spelling, mathematics, relationships, communication are only a few that result from poor self-image.

When we meet others who are effective with the skills we desire embarrassment is often created by accenting our weakness. Often this results in avoidance of situations that accent our poor performance. This can result in occupations or careers that are less than one desires. One may even enter a relationship that does not fulfill their needs, actually creating stress.

One may go to great lengths to have their 'ignorance' revealed. Often to cover embarrassment one may 'act out', becoming the 'loner' or 'tough', or acting dumb. By acting dumb we assume, and since it is common knowledge, we no longer need to put forth any effort. Eventually, we give up all together, thus becoming even 'dumber' and less effective.

This is where a method developed by Three in One Concepts can be of assistance. It begins at the self-image level, whether it reflects as a scholastic, relationship, or career goal.

Using a unique method of muscle response (such as many of the chiropractors use in ascertaining muscular dysfunction) the practitioner is able to gain bio-feedback from the body. Using the muscle is an extremely accurate method of bypassing the conscious mind, as often our limiting self-image is subconscious). With this method one can identify the person or experience causing the lack of positive self-image.

The original cause of this lack of self-image may have come from a trauma. Such trauma to one's self-esteem does not always occur overnight. It occurs over time and may last for some time. No matter how much we want to forget these past traumas, no matter how much it's repressed, the memory is still alive. It is stored in our unique memory system. Even though we may not consciously recall them, when making choices in present, those memories unite with our present experiences of life. Our past determines our emotional reactions today, and we base our decisions on how we feel.

During this time one often begins to deny their emotions. If we hold something within which does not allow FREE movement of free expression, we further create stress within ourselves. As a result one often draws these types of experiences towards themselves repeatedly. 'Unpleasant' experiences only comes in response to what we only deny within ourselves. When denials are identified, and gently released, we no longer draw to ourselves the kind of experiences we don't want to have.

Changing our perception of the past really does change the present, create the future, and lead us to a more productive balanced life.

What can be done about negative self-image and denial: a technique is employed that identifies the age and event that caused an experience, which resulted in the negative self-image and denial.

Then – gently using guided imagery and acupressure points the energy blockage is released. The 'magnetic' charge that draws us to those negative experiences is gone. Unpleasantness is drawn to us only in response to what we've denied or judged negatively.

A picturing of the desired event and happenings in present time is the final step.

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