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Nighttime Sojourns

by Greg Kasperek

Dreams. Sometimes fun, sometimes scary, sometimes insightful. We dream for many reasons and those reasons are far more important then we have been led to believe.

Dreams help us to process a previous day’s activities. Often times we go to sleep confused about the mumble-jumble of our day only to wake up with a clear and concise understanding. That is a direct result of our subconscious mind organizing its acquired information so that clarity is restored.

Dreams also assist us in planning the next day’s events as studies have shown that those who are deprived of their dreamtime sleep soon become incapable of functioning normally. Once again, our subconscious minds have been busy working out the details of up-coming situations. We even meet up with the people who will play a role in our next day’s activities and rehearse our lines! (Proof of this is experienced as déjà vu.)

Dreams often take us inside the consciousness of our body’s cellular structure so that we can observe how dis-ease is affecting us physically. I once was shown a short movie of my circulatory system so that I could learn that an unknown and untreated tooth abscess was infecting my heart valves. Because of that dream I sought out medical treatment and possibly saved my life.

Dreams are also a window to our souls. Through them we can communicate with Spirit and gain new insights. We can literally request answers to our questions that will be given through a dream. Our nighttime sojourns can connect us to our future or return us to our past, all courtesy of our soul’s vast memory storehouse viewed during dreaming.

And of course, dreams can be fun as we experience all those things that we are unable to express during our waking time. Dreams are non-judgmental and so anything goes as we are freed from our rigid social constraints. We can even learn to wake-up within our dreams and participate in directing its events; this is referred to as lucid dreaming.

Dreams also show us how we are able to leave our bodies at night. This is known as astral travel and can allow us to observe friends, family, and other interesting places. I once fell asleep during the night shift at a group home where I worked. Through a dream-like vision, I observed my boss walking around the house checking up on things. I awoke with a start as I feared that she was really there and that I had been caught! However, it had all been an astral dream as upon my awakening she was nowhere to be seen. Through seeing her during astral travel I now knew that she was keeping track of her responsibilities by leaving her body to observe while she peacefully slept.

The secret to deciphering your dreams lies in comprehending the symbols utilized by your dream mind. Our mind utilizes symbols because a symbol can condense a lot of information into a single image. These individual images then communicate this knowledge along with relevant emotional qualities. The whole package transfers great depth of meaning quickly and meaningfully.

Learn how to remember your dreams. Get lots of sleep, keep a pen and paper by your bedside, and tell yourself before drifting off that you will wake up when having a dream. Then write it down and wait till morning to do any deciphering.

May the dream-force be with you!

In memory of Greg Kasperek who was a self-taught cosmic philosopher/sage. According to Greg, during the past sixteen years the universe had steadily conspired to impart humanity's true purpose into his conscious mind. This had been done through dreams, astral projection, visions, books, people, and daily events. Through this awesome inspiration Greg had become devoted to helping others become aware of their spiritual selves through numerology, dream interpretation, past-lives, and spiritual guidance. Greg was also the author of five self-published books on humanity's spiritual missions.

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