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Awakening to True Self

by Greg Kasperek

We live at a very opportune time in mankind’s evolution. A time when many of us are being presented with the possibility of obtaining oneness with our spiritual roots. This opportunity is being presented to everyone on planet Earth, but only those who are ready to fully awaken will be able to take advantage of this offer at this time.

Those who are not ready this time around will be offered many other opportunities during later eons. And everyone is free to embrace their awakenings at their own pace so there is no pressure to succumb to any outside sources. For those who do feel drawn into re-discovering their true inner self, they will know when it is appropriate.

Those who are ready are feeling a strong desire to know how life really works. This potent desire emulates not from their egos but from an inner emptiness that hungrily searches for meaningful knowledge and wisdoms. These seekers are no longer interested in explanations that only enslave them and keep them dis-empowered.

These awakening souls are looking to improve their lives through enhanced quality of existence. They seek out ways to empower themselves and those that they love. And the avenue to obtaining this empowerment lies within increased spiritual knowledge that leads to experiences that create reservoirs of wisdom within them.

Many of these individuals are nurturing themselves through embracing healthier foods, relaxing environments, and optional ways to enhance their personal well-being. They search out alternative health practices and metaphysical organizations, along with reading articles and books devoted to explaining how life truly functions from a spiritual point of view. All these things collectively metabolize into fulfilling self-awareness as they feed these individual’s gnawing spiritual hungers.

Through taking time to meditate and analyze themselves and their surroundings these people are discovering that they are much more than simple humans caught up in a rat race to survive. They are feeling that inner siren call to drop old emotional dramatics, simplify their lives, and to embrace a more well rounded, less judgmental view of their existence.

To awaken to one’s true self requires that we pause and examine our life with a finely tuned view. To observe carefully the reasons why we do things. To consider alternative approaches to old blocks and emotional traumas. And to join forces with our spiritual self by becoming quiet enough to hear its tiny voice attempting to break through our distracted outer-awareness.

We are supported in this task. Various wise teachers and practitioners already exist and many new ones are being prepared who can answer your questions and provide supportive nurturing. As an example, this website contains many valuable resources that seek to enhance the lives of those ready to take on an active role in reformulating themselves into self-aware self-empowered individuals.

One should start by examining and observing anything that their intuition calls to them. Unusual interests, potent dreams, mysterious coincidences and/or dwindling desires for old beliefs and non-satisfying methods of self-expression. Be willing to consider new concepts and to take some well-thought out risks. Explore and embrace whatever you feel drawn towards so that you can either satisfy what needs to be released and/or discover a new yearning within.

Inside each and every one of us is a bona fide spiritual essence struggling to be noticed and acknowledged. This essence holds the key to personal fulfillment. For this essence’s only true joy will be in providing you with your every desire, no matter how whimsical and/or practical. Do not disappoint it... do not disappoint yourself.

Your true self awaits.

In memory of Greg Kasperek who was a cosmic philosopher waiting for those who wish to embrace the secrets of life.

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